Best exercises after Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Exercises are the best way to recover faster after total knee replacement surgery. It is observed that a patient who does exercise after the surgery has shown faster recovery, started getting involved in the day to day activities early than those who didn’t do exercises.  There are so many other health benefits of doing exercises. After you did the knee replacement surgery from the best Orthopedic Doctor in Mumbai then you can do exercises that are listed below.  

Don’t do intense exercises or any exercise which will put extra pressure on your knees. All the listed exercises are especially recommended for the patient who had done their total knee replacement surgery. 

List of Exercises to do after total knee Replacement Surgery: 

        Ankle Pumps:

total knee replacement surgery

You can do this exercise while sitting or lying straight on the bed. The best recommended is by lying relax on the bed. 

If you keep your knee straight you can feel the better stretch on your calf muscle on the back of your leg. 

Keep your leg straight, pull your toes up towards your head, then point your toes down slowly. Make sure you don’t do it fast move through the range of motion. Do this exercise with both the legs at the same time. 

Also, make sure that you move your ankle joint only then you can feel the tension. You can do Ankle Pumps 2 times a day once in the morning and one in evenings with 10 repetitions in each set. 


This exercise will help you to prevent blood clots.

Helps in reducing the Swelling. 

      Straight leg raise

total knee replacement surgery

For this exercise, you need to lie back in the same straight position. Now you have to bend your non-operative leg and keep the operative straight. 

While keeping your operative knee straight, tighten your Thigh muscle and slowly start raising your leg off the bed towards a heigh that is line with your non-operative leg. Hold your leg there for 5 seconds and then slowly bring back your leg to the bed and relax. 


This exercise will help you to strengthen your hip and thigh muscle.

Straight leg raises also help you in gaining back your range of motion in knees. 

       Heel sliders 

total knee replacement surgery

Start the exercise by lying relax on the bed keeping the leg straight then start then exercise by bending your knee and slide your heel towards your buttock and then slide your heel back down. 

Make sure you don’t lift your heel on the bed and don’t let your hell roll inward. Do this exercise slowly don’t do it with a jerk. Do this exercise 2 times a day in 10 reps of each set. 


This exercise will help you to get the strength on your knees. 

Tight muscle and helps to regain the range of motion of your knee. 

       Gravity knee bends

total knee replacement surgery

Gravity knee bends are one of beneficial exercise for the total knee replacement surgery patients.  To do this exercise you need to lie down on the bed on your back., clasp your hands around the thigh of your operative leg and pull your knee toward your chest.

Now you need to hold this position and let the gravity to gently bend your knee. Don’t completely bend your knee after 10 seconds maximum you need to get back into a relaxing position. Do this exercise more than 2 times daily. Don’t hold your breath while doing this exercise.


This exercise will help you to regain the range of motion on your knees. 

       Knee extension 

total knee replacement surgery

After the total knee replacement surgery doing this exercise will help you in many ways. Lie down on the bed place rolled-up towel or pillow under your knee. Keep the rolled-up towel under the back of the knee and tighten the thigh muscle and lift your heel slowly up of the bed to straighten your knee. 

After straightening your knee hold it for 5 to 10 seconds if possible, if not then you can hold it for less then 5 seconds also. Do this exercise 2 times a day in 10 reps of each set.  


This exercise will strengthen your hip and thigh muscle. 

       Seated knee flexion and Extensions

total knee replacement surgery

To do this exercise you need to sit upright with your thigh supported in a chair. Now bend your operative knee as far back as possible and fully straighten your knee as far as possible and hold it for 5-10 seconds if possible then relax. don’t be too hard on yourself while doing exercise.


This exercise will help you to strengthen your knee and thigh muscles. 


After doing total knee replacement surgery you can do all the above-mentioned exercises to recover fast and get back to your normal life. If you still have pain then you can call Dr. Kunal Patel In Mumbai. He is the best orthopaedic doctor in Mumbai who has done many successful surgeries. For more information: 

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