Meditation to Heal your Life

Meditation is increasingly becoming a favorite word in the world of wellness. Illnesses of various kinds have groped the people of the world so bad and they have now started looking for permanent solution to their problems. Meditation is claimed to be one of the best ways by which a person can get relief from all kinds of ailments.

The technique of meditation focuses on the ability of the body to cure itself of the illnesses. It, therefore, awakens the inner strength of the body and helps it fight the problems.

Opportunity to Connect

Often we view our illness in a bad light. We tend to look on the negative side of it and easily lose hope. However, in the world of meditation, any chronic illness is seen as an opportunity to reconnect with yourself and learn to give yourself the love you deserve.

Meditative techniques comprise of practices which help you focus on your inner being. People who meditate daily experience a healthy state of mind where they are least affected by events in their day to day life. They are able to let go of the negative energy which earlier destroyed their peace of mind. Practicing meditation gives rise to a positive state of mind which has a positive impact on your body and you get relief from your illnesses.

An Antidote to Stress

Meditation can be called an antidote to stress. It prevents any further stress and also gets rid of the previously accumulated stress. It acts like servicing the whole body-mind union and bring the peace to the brain.

A research was carried out at the University of Massachusetts Medical School and it revealed that practicing meditation on regular basis can reduce the heart diseases by 45% and high blood pressure by 43%. Also, it can slow down aging and lower the cholesterol levels to great extent.

Dealing with Emotions

It is an established fact that the emotions have a direct impact your body. What we feel inside affects our health. That is the reason you might have seen that the health of some people goes     down when they are stressed.  Stress is amongst one of the main reasons for bad health and can manifest itself in the form chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes, etc.

Meditation helps you have control over your emotions and hence, gives you control over the wellbeing of your body. Even if for a short time, meditation can help a great deal in decreasing anxiety and depression. By regular meditation, every cell in the body becomes fully oxygenated and full of life. It releases the tension and anger and flushes out all sorts of negative energies from the body.  It lifts the lethargy giving relief to your mind and body.

Meditation Tips

Let’s give you some tips as you plan to begin meditation to heal your life.

  1.    Spare 20 minutes daily from your routine to start with. Morning time before the sunrise is the best but you can do it any time of the day.
  2.    Choose a place where there is as less disturbance as possible.
  3.    Make sure there are no distractions.
  4.    Wear comfortable clothing.
  5.    Choose a comfortable place to sit and relax.

A meditation Technique to Start With

While there is a fairly large number of meditation techniques, here is a basic technique to help you start. This technique focuses on breathing.

  1. Sit in a comfortable place and relax. You may take back support if necessary.
  2. Now close your eyes and inhale as deeply as possible with your nose.
  3. Exhale gently.
  4. While you inhale and exhale, concentrate deeply on your breath.
  5. Keep breathing smoothly.
  6. Do this for minimum five minutes in the beginning and can increase the time as per your comfort.

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