March 6, 2024

What Causes Neck And Shoulder Pain On The Left Side?

Neck and Shoulder Pain on the Left Side
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From the pinched nerve to the muscle strain, anything can cause neck and shoulder pain on the left side of the neck. The neck pain or shoulder pain on the left side of the neck can range from mild to severe pain, which includes shooting pain, numbness, tingling, soreness, etc. A few times neck and shoulder pain are seen as a sign of a stroke and heart attack. If the situation goes from bad to worse, you need to consult a specialist.

Read on to find out why this situation occurs and how you can come out of it.

Why Do Neck and Shoulder Pain Happen On The Left Side?

The Neck and shoulders are vital parts of our body. It provides mobility to the human head. The neck contains the muscles, cervical spinal cord, and major blood vessels that supply blood to the entire body.
The pain in the left side of neck and shoulder happens due to aging, injuries, or inflammation. The numbness in your fingers and hand are the major symptoms, and the weakness in your arm can be another reason. Apart from this, many major symptoms and causes can lead to shoulder and neck pain in the body.

Shoulder Pain Happen On The Left Side

Significant Causes of Neck and Shoulder Pain on the Left Side

Neck pain on the left side is reported as a common condition among patients. It is ranked among the top five pains people do complain about. Let us quickly check out the important causes of neck and shoulder pain on the left side.


Back and forth thrusting of the head causes the condition of whiplash. The accidents predominantly occur during football. Rear-end motor vehicle accidents, a bad fall, trauma, or physical abuse cause this situation. If left untreated, it can cause severe pain in your neck and shoulders.

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Severe Inflammation

The risk of health issues in the neck and shoulder occurs because of the poor lifestyle. Severe inflammation occurs in the shoulder area when rotator cuff tendons are trapped under the bony area in the shoulder. Here, tendons become damaged or inflamed. If the inflammation becomes severe, it can shift to your neck area. In the worst possible cases, the severe pain in the left side of the shoulder traveling to the arm may lead to stroke or heart attack conditions.

Soft Tissue Injuries

The injuries of soft tissue lead to shoulder pain and neck pain on the left side. This condition comes with aging in most people. However, your muscles, ligaments, and tendons may attract injuries due to accidents, falls, trauma, or heavy jerks. It can also lead to most types of pains like headache, stiffness, and muscle spasms. Even these soft tissue injuries can also cause strains, contusions, sprains, etc.

Muscle Strain

Muscle strain or tension is also the cause of neck and shoulder pain on the left side. It occurs when the muscle and tendons are overstretched or torn. This situation occurs when a muscle does not fully release after contracting. Muscle strain can develop because of the following situations:
· Collisions
· Whiplash
· Sleeping in the awkward position
· Falls or accidents
· Leaning or hunching over for a long period
· Lifting heavy objects on the left side of the neck and shoulder
· Stress

Pinched Nerve

Cervical Radiculopathy or pinched nerves can cause severe pain in the neck that radiates towards the shoulders of the person. This condition mostly occurs due to aging or injury. The bone spurs cause the pinching of the nerve, which runs through the hollow space in the vertebrae. If it happens in your neck, it will lead to a pinched nerve. The symptoms mostly noticed are numbness, and weakness in the neck, shoulder, and arm regions.

Neck and Shoulder Pain on the Left Side

Who Is Affected by Neck and Shoulder Pain?

Pain may occur in one side of the neck, which can be right or left. The pain on the left side of the neck arises due to sprains and strains, and sometimes due to a bad sleeping position. If the pain persists, it can be a sign of severe inflammation, and in some cases due to stroke or heart attack.
People above the age of 65 years and above can experience the pain mainly because of the aging effects. However, people who have met with an accident or had a fall can also face neck and shoulder pain on the left side.

Treatment of Neck and Shoulder Pain on the Left Side

The neck pain and shoulder pain on the left side can be caused due to many reasons and there are umpteen symptoms. A few important treatments include:
· Take a break from strenuous activities like reading, writing, working on the laptop/desktop, sports, etc.
· You can take over-the-counter medications
· Warm or cold compresses also work great
· Avoid any type of heavy lifting when you are recouping from the pain
· Sleep with the support of healing pillows
· Always sit or stand with the correct posture
· You must visit a medical practitioner or physiotherapist to receive the proper exercise schedule and anti-inflammatory medications.
· Get muscle relaxants
These are a few treatments that people can take for treating the pain on the left side of the neck and the shoulder. Surgery must be the last option if the neck and shoulder persist for a longer period.

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Wrapping Up

Severe neck and shoulder pain occurs on the left side when your lifestyle is not good. You must keep a thorough check on the symptoms. For this, visit the doctor or a physiotherapist to get the required diagnosis and medications. Apart from this, you must always keep your posture straight and work only when your condition allows. Overall, rest is the only thing that is lacking in many people, and you must have a proper schedule to take sufficient rest. It will help in healing your body fast.