February 26, 2024
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Skin Diseases: How To Cure Them and Correct Uneven Skin Tone

Types of Skin Diseases
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The present-day lifestyle and changing environment lead to versatile skin problems. We can see common types of skin diseases occurring because of bacterial and viral infections. Most skin problems are caused by situational circumstances and others because of genetic conditions.
Let us now dive deep into this topic to get the proper insight into the same.

What is a Skin Disease?

Skin is the largest organ of the human body. It covers and protects your body against UV rays and other foreign particles like bacteria or viruses. The skin works to hold in the fluids to prevent any form of dehydration, keep out any form of bacterial or virus infections, support us to feel sensations, create Vitamin D when the body is exposed to the sun, and stabilize your body temperature too.
The skin problem includes all those conditions where your skin gets inflamed and the pores get clogged. The skin disease causes rashes, and changes the skin’s appearance or makes your skin appear uneven.

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Types of Skin Diseases

Face and skin problems, nose skin problems, hand skin problems, foot skin problems, or skin problems on the legs appear because of viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungus infections, or allergic reactions. A few major types of skin diseases that appear on human skin are:


Skin Diseases: How To Cure Them and Correct Uneven Skin Tone


It is one of the major oily skin problems that appear on the face but people may face butt acne or back acne problems too. It is a blocked skin follicle that leads to bacteria, oil, and dead skin buildup in the person’s pores. They swell and look like pus-filled boils.


This condition is also known as atopic dermatitis where the dry and itchy skin leads to cracking, swelling, or scaliness of the skin.


The raised red bumps on the skin with facial redness and flushing on the skin cause this condition. This skin disease goes through the cycle of relapsing and fading.


When the human skin loses the patches of pigment it is known as vitiligo. In medical terms, it is also known as the thembal skin problem.


This is a rare skin disease where the immune system attacks the healthy cells in the top layers of the skin leading to blisters.


This skin disease causes skin itching problem that occurs because of an infestation of mites that burrows into the skin and lays eggs. It causes intense itching and red rashes on the person’s skin.


It is an autoimmune disorder that causes extreme pain and inflammation. The symptoms of lupus on the skin tend to include sunburn-like rashes, circular rashes, and ring-like or red patches. Almost 9 out of 10 people who suffer from lupus are women, and women with darker skin are more prone to getting this disease.


Yeast Infection:

This skin infection is caused by candida fungus that appears in small amounts on the human body. The infection increases when the yeast builds up and grows out of control. Its occurrence in the mouth and throat is called ‘thrush’.
There are various other types of skin diseases too that may be rare or genetically infested. But, these are a few common skin diseases that are mostly seen on a person’s face, foot, hand, or back.


How To Cure Skin Diseases?

Most rare form of skin diseases that occurs among people can be treated by the skin doctors or dermatologists only. However, a few skin problems like rashes or itching can be healed with the help of natural moisturizers. Most people use face or body packs, and coconut oil to fix scaly or dry skin. Coconut oil is stated to be a natural source for reducing the inflammation of the skin and helps in reducing redness or flaky skin.
The intake of over-the-counter medications can also help in curing some forms of skin diseases. Even dermatologists suggest the best medicated soap for skin problems. Other best ways to cure skin diseases are:
Ø Antibiotics
Ø Medicated creams
Ø Laser skin resurfacing
Ø Surgical Procedures
Ø Chemical Peeling in case of scars left by severe acne
Ø Moisturizers (medicated and natural)
Ø Steroid pills
Ø Oral medicines
These are a few ways to cure skin diseases. People must avoid the food triggering these situations, and eat only nutritious food. Always keep yourself hydrated to get glowing and disease-free skin!
Correcting the Uneven Skin Tone Occurred because of Skin Diseases
The skin disease can be diagnosed with the help of a biopsy, skin patch test, dermoscopy, diascopy, etc. Your dermatologist will decide the type of test after diagnosing your skin condition. However, a few skin conditions are not that severe or problematic and get fixed by medicated creams or a little bit of prevention.
The uneven skin tone left by the skin conditions can be fixed in the following ways:
Ø Drink lots of water
Ø Avoid junk foods and sodas, and instead, switch to nutritious fruits and vegetables.
Ø Always use sunscreen when going out or even sitting at home.
Ø Use supplements, fruits, and serums laden with Vitamin C.
Ø Niacinamide serums always help a lot. You can get it from mushrooms, poultry, green peas, and tuna.
Ø Do yoga for skin problems. Yes, a few yoga poses like Uttanasana, Trikonasana, Janu Sirsasana, Bhujangasana, Viparita Karani, and Pawanmuktasana help a lot.

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Skin diseases can occur in people because of a wrong lifestyle or due to genetics. A few rare conditions occur because of genes and family history. However, the diseases occurring due to bacterial and virus infections can be treated with the help of a proper lifestyle. You must keep yourself and your surroundings clean to make sure that these skin diseases do not occur. Give your skin the gift of liveliness and health by keeping in mind the cures!