March 6, 2024
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All About the Skin- to- Skin Contact: Not Just for Mothers

All About the Skin- to- Skin Contact Not Just for Mothers
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The movement your baby is born with is very special , but there is usually a lot going on too. You will find yourself studying every part of her face, absorbing how to smell, and reassuring her through your words and affection. But did you know how important skin to skin contact can be during this time as well? Researchers say a baby in skin to skin contact with the mother stimulates a specific part of the newborn’s brain. Skin to skin contact may benefit the baby as well as mom and dad.

What is the Meaning of Skin-to-Skin Contact?

Skin to skin contact, also called kangaroo care , consists of placing your nearly necked baby(just wearing a diaper and beanie) directly on your bare chest, skin to skin, with a blanket or T-shirt, wrapped over you and his bag for extra warmth.

It can be done by my mother and father and can be started as early as immediately after delivery. This can help with the bonding process. This practice has its origin in Bogota Colombia as the Legends goes neonatal ward was running short on incubators for babies with serve Hospital infection so, in order to keep the babies warm, they had to get creative . Dr. Edgore Rey and Hector Martines thought of kangaroos, who hold their young immediately after birth. They had the idea to send new mothers home with the instruction to hold their diapered infants to their bare chest between their breasts as often as possible. The results were sensational, not only doing this, reduce the demand for incubators, but it also led to a major drop in infant mortality rates.
If you are the dad, you will also need to give it time . Dad and baby bonding doesn’t necessarily happen overnight. However, skin to skin contact can eventually contribute to the bonding process.

Skin- to- Skin Contact


When Can You Start Skin-to-Skin Contact?

Regardless, whether you have vaginal delivery or a C-section skin to skin contact can be practiced straight after delivery; this depends on you and your baby’s medical condition. If both are stable, you can ask the doctor to hold your baby right after birth the American Academy of pediatrics, recommend the skin to skin contact between mom and baby immediately after birth when the moms awake and stable situation according to the health body, the practice should be at least one hour long and all the Urgent procedures enters, should be done in this position only.

Benefits of Skin-to-Skin Contact Between You and Your Baby

As we have alluded to several times now, kangaroos can offer several serious benefits, many with compelling scientific evidence supporting their existence. Here is a list of exactly what advantages you may expect to experience if you try out the screen to skin contact.

    • Improvement in heart and lung function: Babies go through a dramatic transition after birth as they prepare to take their first breath of air outside the uterus. Does skin to skin by their mothers tend to adopt sooner then those who are not. They also tend to have heart and breathing rates that are both more normal and more stable.
      This benefit holds true with premature infants as well as those born full term. Perhaps the mothers heart sounds and everything but the Anar family yearn for the baby after spending time in the uterus.
    • Stability:- Particularly for premature babies, practicing kangaroo care can help improve oxygen saturation level, which helps stabilize, hurt, and breathing rate.
    • Stabilization of body temperature:- Your baby becomes a natural incubator and regulates itself, depending on the temperature needs of the body. Studies have shown that your breast can adjust to match the temperature of your baby, increasing in temperature, if your baby is cold. Decreasing temperature, if your baby is hot. A study that compared nursery warmer skin to skin care, provided by the mother and skin to skin care provided by father found the moms and the dad‘s body work better than an electric warmer, with your mother body having a slight edge over a father’s body. 
    • Encourage breast-feeding:– a fascinating video by UNICEF shows a newborn baby, making his way toward his mother’s breast and latching on right after birth. “ Every newborn “ organization explains “ when placed has the ability to find her mother’s best all on her own, to decide when to take the first best feed. “ is your babies. Heart rate is synchronized with you , a climbing hormone is released in her body that allows her nerve sooner and for longer. 
    • Transferring, good bacteria:- The role of vaginal birth versus C-section birth in transferring good bacteria from mother to her newborn, cannot be overstated passes through the birth canal allows the bodies gut to be colonized with bacteria in the mothers vagina another way that a baby get exposed to their mothers bacteria is Troy skin to skin contact after birth bacteria in the vagina, and on the skin are different from bacteria found in Hospital isolator, so early exposure. Help babies develop a range of healthy bacteria experts believe that these good bacteria may protect against allergic disease. It may help to decolonize infants. In the end I see you who have Stefan local sis address in their Hospitals. 
    • Reducing crying:- Skin to skin contact has also been shown to reduce crying with as little as they are hours of snuggling a day. Another great reason to spend time cuddling your baby. During the newborn Period most babies cause crying ones reunited with their mothers, thinking entropy calls logically about a baby’s cry. It seems understandable that a baby is less likely to cry when he feels the protection and security provided of his mother. 
    • Growth and weight gain:- Skin to skin contact, help regulate your babies, body temperature, less energy, your baby uses for temperature control. The more energy can be directed to the world with again and growth activities. 
    • Boost in maternal child Bonding: The traditional medical model for birth has increased mothers to put their newborn babies in warmers, and to have them transported to the nursery for monitoring by nursing staff, while the mother rest in her room thankfully, this model is being replaced and mothers and babies are staying together from birth throughout the postpartum hospitalization hold your baby clothes from the start, and continue to keep her close throughout infancy the power of H is good for your baby and good for you too. 

Skin- to- Skin Contact


Is Skin-to-Skin Contact Good for Dads?

What should definitely get in on skin to skin care too. If you are the father, hold your baby on your bare chest, you will enjoy the emotional benefits and intimacy it creates between you and your newborn child knowing you are improving. Your baby’s health is also big plus dead skin also passes on the same benefits as moms do in terms of helping to regulate their babies, temperature and heartbeat.

What is the Maximum Time for Skin-to-Skin Contact?

It is not just skin to skin contact that happens right after birth that is beneficial. You can continue skin to skin contact for months while your baby is still happy. It has many benefits, so enjoy it.

Safety Concerns Regarding Skin-to-Skin Contact

Checking that the baby’s position is such that the clear airway is maintained, observing respiratory rate, and chest movement. Listen for unusual breathing, sound or absence of noise from the baby if there is a medical condition with your baby after birth, skip the skin contact may be delayed until your baby is stabilized.
Tone:- The baby should have a good tone, and not be limp or unresponsive.
Temperature:- Ensure the babies are kept warm during skin contact.


If you are about to be a first time parent, the benefit of skin to skin contact cannot be overstated beside helping to create a lasting bond between you and your little one. The practice can also help your baby transition from the warmer to the outside world, improve your post birth recovery, and even make breast-feeding easier. So, make sure you talk with your partner and include skin to skin in your butt plan clearly explaining your goal with the birthing stop to prioritize your skin to skin after birth you and your partner will be forming the bond with your little one.