March 6, 2024
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Why Does My Hair Feel Like Straw And Falling Out?

My Hair Look Like Straw
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Hair looking brittle and unhealthy can be a real turn-off for most men and women. Our manes are like our identity, and who doesn’t like shiny and luster-proof hair? However, the continuous use of chemical-laden colors and shampoos can make things worse for our hair. Let us read further to know the reasons and how this can be fixed.

What Makes My Hair Look Like Straw?

What if one day after a hair wash you watch your hair falling out? The falling of the hair can be mild to severe. Well, humans tend to lose 50 to 100 hair a day, and people with short hair tend to shed less. However, when people wash their hair, they tend to lose almost 200 strands. The shedding of the hair may increase in people who wash them once a week because of the buildup.
One question that most people tend to ask on many social media platforms and medical forums is why is my hair falling out? Why are they thinning? Why does my hair feel like straw and is falling out? The answer to these questions may vary for every individual because of the type of scalp they have. Hair feels like straw and falls out when they lack moisture. They lose shine and start becoming dry and brittle, and the common cause is stated to be overuse of chemicals and non-organic shampoos plus lack of nutrition.

My Hair Look Like Straw

Oversights of Hair becoming Brittle and Straw-like

Ø Using heat-based and styling tools
Ø Using shampoos laden with harsh chemicals
Ø Not using enough conditioner designed especially for your hair
Ø The hair that falls out from your scalp is also because of unhealthy eating habits
Ø Having split ends
Ø Not gentle enough with your wet hair while drying them with a towel or detangling the wet hairs

Top 5 Reasons My Hair is Falling Out

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Chemical-based Hair Care Products

Alcohol, sulfates, and parabens in hair care products lead to hair falling out or them becoming brittle. Even with these issues creeping in, the hair care market size is increasing at a CAGR of 5.6%, and the market size will be evaluated at $112.97 billion by 2028. Talking about the effect on your hair, these chemicals can make your hair look straw-like, and damage the consistency of your strands. It is necessary to use natural hair care products so that you retain the moisture and shine of your hair. Say no to chemicals!

Exposure to UV Rays

The exposure of hair to UV rays and harsh sunny weather can also affect them manifold. You must use the hair SPF to protect your hair or can use a soft stole or cloth to wrap your hair. It will help protect them from other elements of the climate like the wind to avert them from looking like straw.

Too Much Heat Used on Hair

Most of us use hair styling and heating tools to give different hairstyles that suit our facial appearance on different occasions. Do you even think about how these heating tools can affect your hair negatively? Well, they can make your strand thin and straw-like, and over time it can lead to hair falling out in the shower. So, it is advisable to use a heat temperature below 360 degrees.


This is a key factor that leads to people suffering from hair fall. Emotional or physical stress can lead to 4 in 10 adults feeling stressed, anxious, and full of anger. These factors lead to more than 75% of hair falling among individuals. As you brush or detangle your hair, you can feel the clumps or large handfuls of strands on your hair brush. Even running fingers through your hair can lead to strands falling out.

Less Nutrition Intake

It is necessary to consume adequate nutrition to maintain your hair health. Less nutrition intake also leads to rough and dry hair. This happens because of the lack of Vitamins like C, D, E, B-12, and Biotin. You must eat fruits, and vegetables, or take supplements to support your healthy hair growth.

How to Fix Straw-like Hair that is Falling Out?

If you are looking for ways how to stop hair from falling out, then here are a few possible fixes:
Ø Less use of heat styling tools. Use heat protectants if you want.
Ø Use SPF serum or spray for your hair or protect it with a hair wrap cloth
Ø Select a shampoo and conditioner with natural ingredients to get the lost shine
Ø Adjust the portions of nutrition and supplements that will help in hair stimulation and growth
Ø In case of excessive hair fall, do see the skin and hair expert to get the right medications.
Ø Free yourself from any kind of stress and tension and inculcate positive feelings.

Hair Falling Out Dream Spiritual Meaning

Apart from scientific relatability, a few people associate falling hair with dreams and biblical meanings too. The dream about hair falling out signifies the loss of control in your life. A few people give a valuable place to their hair, so if they are having dreams of hair falling out, it signifies major losses in their life. It can stress you out as you will feel left out or insecure in your life. Maintaining healthy and positive thoughts is the only key to happiness.

Wrapping Up

Hair Care is important to stop hair fall, and leading a happy and positive life are its key. You must make sure not to use any harmful hair care products, and switch to natural products for getting beautiful hair back. Stay positive, stay healthy, and slay the world!c

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