March 6, 2024

The 10 Most Common Myths about Whey Protein

The 10 Most Common Myths about Whey Protein
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Whether you are a beginner or a pro in fitness, the need of whey protein is a must-have protein supplement for all. It’s derived from cow’s milk and has PDCAA (Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid). Whey protein is blended with special ingredients like multi-vitamins, and creatine to serve a specific need for gym-goers and muscle seekers. Yet this staple of bodybuilders attracts controversies and at times ignorant fitness enthusiasts wonder is whey protein is safe for them. It is even wrongly The 10 Most Common Myths about Whey Protein Some Common Myths about Whey Protein were as some say that whey protein is a superior source of protein, and as we compared to other proteins by separating whey protein myths and facts.

Here are The 10 Most Common Myths about Whey Protein powder:

Whey protein makes you fat:

Whey protein doesn’t make you fat, you gain fat only by eating an excessive amount of daily calories. Eating a proper amount of daily protein will ensure maximum gains. On the other hand, if you undereat the protein you make it harder for your body to add muscles.

All supplements are the same quality:

Here’s the truth that not all supplements are the same, different companies have different standards. Some companies rely on the low quality of products and purity of raw materials so they can provide a lower price. People should avoid purchasing supplements based on the price that may be throwing your money away. Instead, you should seek out the opinions of others and research the best selling products.

Whey Protein supplements contain steroids:

Whey protein contains steroids as they help in bulking up. Most people who follow a moderate or intense activity level can consume whey protein to meet the daily requirement of protein macros. We know that Whey protein contains various amino acids and other acids that fuel muscles, boost immunity, helps in fast recovery and build muscle mass. And its derived from milk and its one of the superior sources of protein that gets absorbed in the body faster and rebuild strength and mass.

Supplement improves your strength and muscle mass:

Supplements can improve your overall health, battle stress improves sleep and bolsters your immune system, and they are not magic pills and powders that you can turn you into a bulging bodybuilder. They help in to amplify your training, but they do not make you stronger or bigger if you are not working hard in the gym.

Supplements Cause many side effects:

There are a majority of ingredients contained in supplements which are found naturally in the human body, or they may be in the food we eat. Proper supplementation yields very minimal side effects which vary according to the intake of the protein by anyone.

Why Protein Supplements is Only for Bodybuilders

Whey protein is often associated with bodybuilding and mass gaining but again, there is a good deal of misconceptions surrounding the essential benefits of whey protein, which in turn, restrict people from considering whey protein safe. The ingredients in whey protein help repair the muscle fibers and enhance the performance level not only of the weightlifters but also those who are into endurance sports.

Whey protein harmful for kidney or liver:

High protein diets are not at all harmful to your kidney and will not give you osteoporosis. The researches which have been done on this show that they don’t have any adverse effect on kidney or liver, only when an individual already has some existing kidney or severe medical conditions, then caution is required so as not to exacerbate such conditions. People with health kidney or livers show no link between high protein diets and kidney issues. As there is no evidence that a proper level of protein intake in a healthy person is going to harm the liver. Often these concerns come from the extreme cases, wherein the huge amount of protein was taken or the liver was already damaged. Even when you are taking high-quality protein supplements, it’s important to maintain a proper balance of all the necessary nutrients.

Why protein causes hair loss:

Consuming whey protein helps you building the muscles, bones, and hair. Therefore, this myth that it causes hair loss seems baseless. We know protein intake should help in hair growth. Some people have a genetic predisposition for hair loss and there could be other factors such as stress, insufficient nutrition, etc.

High protein intake weakens your bones:

Proteins are basically made up of amino acids, which are a form of acids; concern has arises which you increase your protein intake can lessen the integrity of an individual’s bone structure. There is no evidence to support the conclusion. In fact, some evidence that that certain protein powders can even increase bone density. We should always note that protein supplements are generally used alongside resistance training which has been proven to greatly increase bone density.

Why Protein Supplements Should only be taken Post-Workout

The highest bioavailability of all the protein analogs present in Whey protein makes it the most powerful agent post-workout as, during an intense workout, the muscle tissues go through the high level of tension and stress. Whey protein, when consumed post workout, functions as a stimulator that accelerates muscle recovery and growth.
Above were The 10 Most Common Myths about Whey Protein Powder which are not at all relevant as we require the protein intake for the betterment of our body.

Benefits of Whey Protein:

–It’s an Excellent Source of High-Quality Protein
–Protein Promotes Muscle Growth
–Helps in Lower Blood Pressure
–Helps in treating Type 2 Diabetes
–Also helps to Reduce Inflammation
–Beneficial for Inflammatory Bowel Disease
–Helps in Enhancing the Body’s Antioxidant Defenses
–Also beneficial for effects on Blood Fats
–It’s Highly Satiating (Filling), Which May Help Reduce Hunger
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