March 6, 2024

Best Online Therapy Programs for 12- Year Kids

Best Online Therapy Programs for 12- Year Kids
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Your children have the capacity to bear the burdens of school life and the world but don’t always show it. When you start to notice that your kids need more support to resolve their issues and worries, to overcome this problem you should consider counseling as an option. Counseling options can be potential benefits for any age group, including children. Searching for the right counselor for your child can play a crucial role in overcoming obstacles that parents encounter. It may also help to prevent and manage mental health issues as they navigate through multiple stages of development.
Every adult faces difficulties discussing their mental health in front of their parents. Your kids and children may also face difficulties expressing their feelings. Based on WHO, 10 to 20% of children and teenagers would suffer from mental health issues. Most of them do not search for medical assistance and don’t consult with therapists.

Is Online Therapy Good for 12-Year-Old Kids?

Online therapy is one of the best options to make mental healthcare more accessible and affordable. With the help of this, you can consult with your therapists face-to-face.
Telehealth therapy is a popular choice to find the correct therapist, scheduling consultations,s and book sessions. Another advantage of this online therapy is that it is less expensive than traditional therapy. For taking sessions you only need a smartphone and a desktop with good internet connectivity.
Online counseling will allow your kids to discuss their mental health issues openly while maintaining some physical and emotional distance. You can join sessions behind the screen, anonymously, and can speak loudly with therapists.

Is Online Therapy Good for 12-Year-Old Kids

What are Some Signs Your Child Needs Therapy?

As parents, we know that our children and teenagers have different needs than adults, so online therapy for children may differ from adult therapy options. Therefore, selecting certified and professional therapists on the internet may be crucial for us. Some symptoms are common in every child including struggle with emotions and feelings, mood changes, and feeling anxiety. Some children face challenges at school, college, and in societal connections.
Overall, your kid may need assistance to improve their mental health issues.
There are several signs and indications that your child needs therapy:

  • You will notice that your children’s behavior has changed including a lack of interest in school, hobbies, friendships, and many other things.
  • Changed in their sleeping patterns
  • Increased irritability, sensitivity, and an eating disorder.
  • Lack of self-confidence.
  • They want isolation from family or social activities. 
  • Significant life transitions.
  • Recent exposure to a traumatic event.

Child Needs Therapy

Have A Look at the Best Online Therapy Programs for 12-Year Children

There are many options available in the market for online programs and sessions that offer online therapy. These programs are based on subscription services that provide you therapy bonuses, such as a decent amount of weekly treatment hours options and chat functions. There are the best online therapy programs for 12-year old:
At website and their application feature, teenagers may use their smartphone, laptop, or tablet to connect with a certified therapist online. It is an internet web-based service for teenagers 12 to 19 years old. On this website, there are 1600+ therapists available through computers, tablets, and smartphones. You may consult your mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, low self-love, aggression, eating disorders, etc.
For book consultation on this website, parents need to register, search for suitable therapists for their kids and invite them to initiate therapy sessions. Your kid can communicate with them through smartphone, tablet, or desktop while choosing video conferencing, chat, and live chat options.
The cost of therapy may vary from $60 to $90 for four weeks. The cost of therapy will depend on the locality, interest, and availability of therapists.

Synergy eTherapy
This online therapy option is available in every state in which you find free consultations from certified therapists. For this, you should be confident in picking good options. Your information will be kept secret. Most therapy sessions are available in the evenings and or on weekends. Based on need, the therapist may prescribe medication also.
The cost of Synergy eTherapy will depend on your options. Your therapy sessions may cost around $100 and $200 which may have a duration of 40 to 45 minutes. It is part of an insurance provider. Other payment options may be private and will depend on your out-of-pocket rates.

This is a well-known therapy counseling platform with the highest rating and 1 million people have taken service from here. On this platform, you may avail online messaging options, video texts, and voice conferencing options to communicate with therapists. Teenagers of the 12 to 17 age group can join this platform via a download application or simply join with a desktop.

Before joining therapy sessions, you must ensure the therapist has prior experience to handle teenagers.
The cost of this is fixed which may be around $260/month. Health insurance is accepted here/ you should check with your health insurance provider to confirm whether they will cover mental health treatments or not.

7 Cups
It is an online platform where you can discuss your problems. 12 to 17-year-old teenagers can communicate for free with volunteers who have trained to speak with teenagers and are able to solve their mental health issues. 7 Cup is a free chat room for teenagers to talk with other teenagers.
This platform also offers a premium membership where teenagers consult with a certified therapist. In addition, teenagers can send texts personally to trained volunteers for free. You can join this platform anonymously and be available 24/7 hours.
The cost of this platform is $150/month but does not cover private insurance benefits.

Doctor on Demand
It is an online service where you can pick your kid’s therapist instead of pairing with one. They have a wide network of psychiatrists and therapists who have 15+ years of experience. In this platform communication options are restricted as compared to other platforms. Doctor on Demand uses live video calls. If you have decided that counseling sessions are beneficial for your kids then it offers a free mental health explanation.
The cost of counseling sessions is $129 to $179 will depend on session length. Some companies offer insurance at Doctor on Demand. If you want to avail of insurance benefits then provide insurance details while registering.

Online Therapy Programs


Who Should Attend Kids Therapy?

If you have a kid, online therapy may be the best choice for you:

  • Have a hectic time schedule
  • Live in a rural area.
  • Are you looking for pocket-pinch therapy options?
  • Feeling uncomfortable in society.
  • Grapple with some issues related to body image.

Summing up:

Online therapy may also be a good option when your child is relocated to a new state. Although, with the help of an online therapy platform patients are able to recognize, and control emotions in the easiest way to consult with a therapist.

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