March 6, 2024

How Can I Build Muscle In 7 Days?

How Can I Build Muscle In 7 Days?
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Are you planning to gain some extra muscles? One question you may be engrossed in. Well, within what time will I be able to build my muscles? A week, a month, 6 months, or a year. Here, we will tell you about the proven strategies and ways through which you can build muscles in seven days. You can even go for the best supplements to gain weight and build muscles while practicing other ways.

What Is Muscle Building Or Muscle Gain?

Muscle building or muscle gain means bulking up while making your body look well-shaped too. Most men work towards gaining muscle mass and bulking up. However, a few men want it as fast as within a week of resistance training. A few men may pick up weight gain supplements without working out that will help them gain muscles without putting up any training. A few others may choose weight gain supplements to help the growth hormones to grow muscle mass, which will ultimately lead to muscle building.

Muscle Building Or Muscle Gain

How To Create a 7-Day Workout Plan for Building Muscles?

Many best supplements for muscle gain and weight loss are picked by people to gain muscles and build them within a short time. It is a must to possess a workout plan to build muscles correctly so that the plan works out for 7 days and beyond. Muscle building is for life and not a one-day affair. Consistency makes things happen.
For creating a 7-day workout plan for building muscles, you need to keep in mind the following things:
· Curate a customized plan for meals and gym for a week
· Number of hours you will be training every day
· What exercises need to be done every day?
· Will there be reps for each exercise?
All these things need to be part of your 7-day workout plan. Along with this, you can have supplements to gain weight that will help in muscle building too. Make sure that you are not jumbling up your meal and exercise plans. Like, you can keep your meal plans from Monday to Sunday. All these days in a week must contain:
· Protein for breakfast
· Protein shakes, fruits, and peanut butter for snacks. The snacks after every meal must be a mix of low-fat Greek yogurt, less oily snacks that are easy to digest and whey protein.
· Lunch must have a mix of seasonal vegetables, green salad, whole wheat bread, and water.
· Dinner can be a mix of beef jerky, chicken, salmon, tuna, etc. You need to have enough protein, and sufficient carbs to fuel your body.

7-Day Workout Plan for Building Muscles

You can go ahead with light and heavy workouts in the gym according to muscle training days. It can be leg day, chest day, shoulders, biceps and triceps, glutes, stomach muscles, and much more. Your cardio and weight training must be on spot to make sure that there is no muscle work left. If it’s a leg day, you must work on the leg muscles. Overworking and underworking certain muscles can give you an uneven body.
Of course, you do not want to look like Johnny Bravo with a big upper body and chicken legs. Your muscle goals, age, gym workouts, nutrition, etc., must go hand in hand.

Top Ways to Build Muscles In 7 Days

Gain Muscle Mass Hypnosis

Maintain the Correct Form

When going for muscle training, it is necessary to listen to the advice of your gym trainer. It is necessary to do compound lifts along with other exercises to keep up in the correct form. The compound exercises or movements help in putting on the right size. You can have protein supplements for weight gain and simultaneously work towards lifting more weights. Every rep will help in stressing and damaging the muscles, and ultimately remodeling them. Upper body muscle growth can be done with the help of bent-over row, bench press, push-up, plank, and standing strict press. The lower body can be reshaped with the help of deadlifts, squats, jump squats, etc.

Intake of 20 to 25 Grams Of Protein Content

How much protein you eat per day is also important. The experts state that eating 20 to 25 grams of protein for an ideal body weight of 180 pounds is enough. It must be the total intake of what you take in your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This can be taken both during your pre and post-workout sessions.

Rotate the Muscle Groups

You cannot workout on the same muscle every day. So, it is important to rotate the muscle groups not to end up damaging them. The rotation in the muscle group will help you to put in intense working hours for every muscle in the different groups. You can always rotate the muscles as firstly go ahead with the chest, shoulder, back, and abs. Secondly, choose to go ahead with the biceps, triceps, and legs. Third, do go ahead with the abs and chest exercises.

Top Ways to Build Muscles In 7 Days

Workout Duration Can Be Kept Shorter

As you will be training the muscles the whole week, so segregate them into shorter durations to fulfill the weekly volume across more sessions. Training a muscle twice a week will give you similar results that you are expecting with more exercise sessions. Never go beyond a 75 minute session, as it can lead to higher fatigue levels, low stimulus, and not an effective muscle stimulus.


The weight gain supplement from a reputed buyer will help you to take care of muscle building in a proper manner. You must never put in muscle exercises without a reliable muscle-building trainer. It will leave your body stressed and fatigued. Always take care to reach out to the best muscle trainer in the market who can teach you to train your muscles safely. Apart from this, muscle building is a way of boosting strength and improving bone density. So, it is necessary to take care of your carbs and proteins.