March 6, 2024

Guide to Becoming a Certified Yoga Therapist

Guide to Becoming a Certified Yoga Therapist
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What is yoga therapy?

Yoga is your mind and body practice that combines physical posture, breathing techniques, and meditation for relaxation. According to the International Association of Yoga. Therapist yoga therapy is the process of empowering individuals to progress toward improved health and wealth, through the application of the teaching and practice of yoga.

What does the yoga therapist do?

All yoga therapists begin as yoga teachers, but not all yoga. Teachers are yoga therapists in the entering end IAYT a credit program. You will need to have at least 200 hours of certified Training.

At least one year of training experience and regular personal practice. (The formal standard requires a minimum of one year.) Your therapist must also log at least a hundred clinical hours, working with clients generally done in one on one or small group settings.
Are you a therapist who is highly trained, who can guide and interact with people through yoga sessions that are coached in a more therapeutic setting working with a yoga teacher can be excellent for your well-being, but due to their advanced technique, they use a holistic approach that engages the client, physically, psychologically and spiritually yoga.

Certified Yoga Therapist

Steps to Becoming a Certified Yoga Therapist

Therapists use specific yoga practices to Guide clients through any physical or mental issue on their faces.

Step 1: Attend Yoga Classes on a Regular Basis:

you can begin your journey as a yoga therapist by attending yoga classes at a fitness center and observing the different types of yoga as a client give your perspective on the type of yoga you want to practice practicing as a trained, professional.

Step 2: Understand the Daily Job Duties:

Journey to become a yoga instructor it’s beneficial to understand what job duties they carry out daily, These are:

  • Using yoga therapy to support physical, mental health, emotional, and spiritual health
  • Evaluating clients and keeping records
  • Contact one on one group therapy sessions
  • Teaching, yoga practices, such as Asana and Pranayama
  • Providing lifestyle change guidance within a yoga therapy framework
Step 3: Apply for Training:

The first stepping stone to becoming a yoga therapist is that means you will need to apply and complete at least 200 teacher training houses in a certified yoga program. During this time, you’ll learn the different yoga practices and how to apply in yoga therapy all while going through your spiritual journey.

Your training also involves learning anatomy and the psychology of the human body. Yoga therapy programs require a teaching certification through a yoga alliance, register yoga school its equivalent, and you can apply for yoga therapy courses accredited by the British Council yoga therapy BCYT.

Step 4: Start Teaching as a Yoga Therapist:

Most yoga therapy courses ask that you have at least one year of teaching under your belt Before you apply the best of your craft you need living bodies in front of you to begin. With those who were close to you and help you clarify where you would like you are yoga carrier
to take you, your friends and family, who supported you during teacher training will probably want to support you after as well reach out to your loved ones and offer them a few lessons.

Step 5: Find the Right Yoga Therapy Program:

As is the case for all higher education tracks, all yoga therapy program is the same so once you have experienced about a year and are ready to start your yoga therapy, training some yoga programs focus on psychology and spirituality, while others are based on specific Lineage.
Therefore, it is important to conduct extensive research and find the right program for you based on the expert that you want to have in the field. Such courses are.

  • Minded, yoga therapy.
  • Registered, prenatal yoga teacher
  • Registered children, yoga teacher
  • Yoga, therapy diploma

Once you complete the program you can apply to become a certified yoga therapist as an accredited program graduate.

Step 6: OPT for Where You Want to Work:

After becoming a yoga therapist, you can work for an established company in a setting such as

  • Public hospitals
  • Mental health departments
  • Wellness centers
  • School districts
  • Private clinics
  • Addiction centers
  • Gym



With yoga therapy, the holistic mind-body practice easily becomes popular among the public as it has been around you thousands of years it’s positive benefit has been proven, and it’s currently being used all over the world by people from all walks of life if you love yoga, and are looking to make an impact by helping thers then you got therapy and becoming a yoga therapist might be you!