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Humanistic Psychotherapy: Definition, Types and Technique

Humanistic Psychotherapy: Definition, Types and Technique
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What is humanistic physiotherapy?

Humanistic physiotherapy is a positive approach to physiotherapy that looks at the whole person with emphasis on an individual’s positive traits and behavior, and their own Internal ability to find wisdom, growth , healing and fulfillment within themselves.
This approach runs counter to the scientific tenets of behaviorism and energetic approach of Freudian Physio analysis. The humanistic and integrative approach includes in its process those aspects that make up what is to be human for example love, values, self-awareness choice, and human potential within the humanistic, and integrative approach human being seen as a whole person living through a level of integration through their mind, physic, body and feelings.
This approach also believe that the responsibility for the individuals life within the individual themselves, some of the key characteristics and beliefs of humanistic physiotherapy are:

  1. Every individual is unique, and their experience should be regarded as unique. 
  2. There is an assumption of personal agency, which includes the choices we make in life, the part we take and consequences arising from these.
  3.  It recognizes the dignity and self-worth of individuals and their conscious capacity to develop personal computers and self respect. Integrity physiotherapy, acknowledges a holistic approach to the individual’s needs including emotional, behavioral, cognitive, and physiological, and integrates more than one therapeutic approach in the practice of physiotherapy.

Humanistic Psychotherapy

Types of humanistic therapy

Gestalt therapy

In gestalt therapy, your personal experiences are key along with describing what you are going through in your own words it’s based on and therapy that unresolved conflict with others, including family members, or romantic partners -lead to distress.
Gestalt therapy provides a state of safe emergency. Where can you explore in the present moment the thing bothering you.

Person centered therapy

This client centered therapy often uses active listening to help individuals lead themselves to what solutions.

Existential therapy

This therapy type frequently challenges individuals to confront their responsibility for their life circumstances and to use free will to make different decisions. Existential therapy is all about discovering what matters to you personally then creating a life you feel happy and excited to live out.

Rogerian therapy

Carl Rogers developed Rogerian therapy, which typically assumes that the individual receiving therapy treatment is an expert on their own life. Carl Rogers believed that the therapist should be supportive, but let the client guide the therapy session.

Narrative therapy

Narrative therapy zip form of physiotherapy that seeks to help patients identify their values and the skin associated with them. This therapy has individuals determine their values, skill and instantly be telling their own story in their own words,this helps to separate a person from their problems.

Types of humanistic therapy

Techniques used during humanistic sessions

Humanistic therapists to me rely on several techniques and assumptions to help individuals achieve personal goals. The underlying principles listed below can be ways of looking at yourself and your problems through the approach of humanistic psychology. These techniques can build you in changing your behavior, emotions and words.

Listening techniques

Humanistic therapist, our client centered therapist and often use active listening techniques to ensure they fully understand individuals problem needs and goals. For instance, if the therapist doesn’t understand something you have said, they may ask you to talk more about it.

Assuming you are innately good

A Center assumption in humanistic therapy can be that all individuals are inherently good . Humanistic therapist, practice, unconditional acceptance, and often remind you that you are a good person who may be experiencing a difficult situation.

Power to decide

Mental health challenges may make individuals feel powerless. For instance, you may feel that someone else or particular circumstances need to change before you can overcome your problems. Your essential power to decide can be foundational to the humanistic approach to the therapy.

Positive regards

This technique involves the therapist accepting the individual without judgment. It is characterized by a caring attitude that plays an important role in fostering, self-worth, personal growth and self awareness.
Some other techniques also use they are here as below ,

  • Somatic experience 
  • Sensory integration 
  • Eye-movement desensitization reprocessing (EMDR) 
  • Family therapy 
  • Stress management training 
  • Anger, management training 
  • Hypnosis

Techniques used during humanistic sessions

Does humanistic therapy work?

Humanistic therapy is an evidence-based treatment that can produce a significant change in individuals over time. In a literature review summarizing the effectiveness of humanistic therapy approaches, humanistic therapy was shown to have equivalent effectiveness to other types of therapy, such as CBT.

Advantages of humanistic therapy

According to a 2002 assessment of it to 86 researches, humidity treatment. Also helpful in assisting patients in long-term transformation. Research found that those receiving humanistic therapy changed more than those receiving. No therapy at all. Humanistic therapy also allows the individual to play an active role in their treatment while the therapist acts as a knowledgeable trusted guide. This approach to the therapy can also be a good way to learn coping skills, including problems, solving and stress relief that will be helpful whenever you are faced with a problem in your life, because it is the self-esteem and self efficacy you will feel more capable of as you deal with challenges.

Mental health challenges may make individuals

How do I find a humanistic therapist?

It’s not always easy to find the right therapist when looking for a humanistic therapist. Start by considering what you would like to work on; this can be a specific issue or more abstract concept. Also think about any tricks you would like in a therapist would you prefer to work with a therapist of your own gender the therapist client bond is particularly important in humanistic therapy so you will want to make sure the therapist is one you will feel comfortable with, when looking therapist, you also want to take note of how much each potential therapist charges per session some therapist take insurance, but others don’t, and some may offer a sliding scale program that allow you to pay what you can.

Effectiveness of humanistic therapy efficacy

Research indicates that the humanistic therapy is an effective approach that

  • Create significant and long-term change in clients compared with untreated clients. 
  • Is it as effective as other physiotherapy approaches, such as cognitive behavioral therapy?
  • Three interpersonal and relational problem and trauma 
  • Meet the criteria for evidence-based treatment for depression, and psychotic conditions.
  • Help people cope with chronic and difficult health conditions and substance misuse.
  • A 2017 study found that young people experiencing psychological distress showed improvement in emotional symptoms after receiving humanistic counseling.


Humanistic therapy is a positive and effective approach to physiotherapy; it focuses on the whole person, helping you realize your full potential. It is based on humanistic physiology. This theory states that people are inherently good and motivated to reach their potential integrity in physiotherapy, except for a perspective on physiotherapy that acknowledges the intrinsic worth of every person, where a holistic approach is used in humanistic counseling with a focus on self-discovery, and free. Will they act as a guide to reflect, clarify your own thoughts, and believe in the present moment to help you find the solution right for you?