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Body Image Issues: Aspects, Technique, Steps, CBT Worksheets

Body Image Issues: Aspects, Technique, Steps, CBT Worksheets
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Body image involves both perceptions of and views of one body. When patients have a negative body image, they can face challenges resulting in decreased self-esteem. This may cause mental issues such as body dysmorphia.

However, it is possible to encourage a healthier body image without changing one’s physical appearance. At an individual level, we can improve well-being through seeking therapy, and some social support. On a wide level of societal scale, boosting body acceptance can counteract harmful messages nearby physical appearance.

Body image can vary between positive and negative experiences or a single person may think at multiple times a positive or negative combination of both. This can be influenced by internal and external factors.

If you are facing body image issues, there are several ways to get the love and support that you can deserve. Don’t worry! You won’t face these problems alone.

Know the Four Aspects of Body Image

Know the Four Aspects of Body Image

  1. When you see your perceptual body image refers to how you perceive your own body, which may not efficiently reflect your body appearance.
  2. When your affective body image borders your feelings and emotions towards your body may include happiness or disgust. This is often to summarized as a mode of your emotion
  3. Your cognitive body image refers to your way of thinking and belief in your body. This focuses on body shape and weight which leads to preoccupation. 
  4. Behavior that you exhibit as a result of your body image is referred to as your behavioral body image. When you are sad about someone’s physical appearance, they may isolate themselves or engage in unhealthy behavior.

What is Body Image Acceptance or Positive Body Image?

When a person has the ability to accept, appreciate, and respect their body, as known as positive body image. It is not the same as body satisfaction if you are dissatisfied with aspects of your body, but still able to accept it for all its limitations. A body image acceptance associated with:

  • High self-esteem: This includes how people feel or think about themselves, which can impact every aspect of life, and involve happiness and wellbeing.
  • Self-love: This helps to make patients more likely to feel more comfortable and happy with the way they look. And less likely to feel impacted by unnatural images in media and society.
  • Have a healthy outlook and good behavior as it is easier to lead a healthy lifestyle with healthier behavior and practice related to exercise. When you are engaged with and respond to all needs of your body.

Therapeutic Techniques for Body Image Issues

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, is the most common type of treatment for body image issues. In CBT, everyone can develop the ability to measure instances where at the right movement patients are being self-critical. Therapists can spot conditions which promote self-criticism and learn to avoid these triggers of mind. Overall, a therapist can guide patients on how to “fight back” against negativity and focus on positive self-talk.

CBT Worksheets for Body Image

The following section of CBT worksheet includes a worksheet for adult helpers working on their body image and mental health issues. The main purpose of the worksheet is to help patients to work on their own body image and mental health.

CBT Worksheets for Body Image

Think About the Body Image
  • What is a body image?
  • What do you feel about your body?
  • How would you define your body?
  • How did you form your body image?
  • What impact on your feelings about your body?
  • How do you admire others’ qualities?
Body Image and Culture
  • According to you, what is a perfectly healthy body image?
  • What things make me feel better about my body?
Body Image with Culture Change
  • Over the centuries, Google has changed in fashion, body size, and beauty. Have you Noticed?
  • How do you feel about these changes over time?
  • How do these differences impact the way we are thinking about your body?
  • Is it true focusing on the body makes you more conscious? 
  • What do you feel, if you don’t notice this cultural idea?
  • Write some things that make you unique.
  • How do you feel when you focus on your unique and special qualities?

Body Image with Culture Change

How Can You Improve Your Body Image?

Body image is not stable in our bodies. Many times our body feels changes as we grow older, and every stage in our life is related to body image markers. Having a positive body image is a lifelong process.
Here changing with a negative body image has more changes in our body which mean changing how we think, feel, and react to our body. Two ways to change body image which is weight management and surgery. There is no right or wrong when it comes to weight management and body appearance. We have the power to hold ability transformation for our perception, feel, and thinking about our bodies.

Steps to Build-Up Body Image

  • Analyze your body image with strengths and limitations.
  • Tackle your thinking disorders related to the body.
  • Always adopt and love who you are.
  • Feel comfortable with your body.
  • Always Have a positive experience with your body.
  • Nurture a friendly relationship with your body with the power of positive affirmations.

Summing Up

Body image issues include various aspects such as perceptual, affective, cognitive, and behavioral prospects. CBT technique is used for treating body image issues. Therapists can also help patients develop mindfulness and positive self-talk to remove negativity. With the help of the CBT worksheet, everyone can explore their emotions and behavior with body image. This worksheet helps to promote your self-awareness and a growing healthier attitude. Overall, it is the joinery of self-esteem and patience for patients.

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