March 6, 2024
Cognitive Behavior Therapy Therapies

CBT Vs EMDR Therapy: Which Treatment Is The Best to Choose?

CBT Vs EMDR Therapy
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CBT and EMDR are highly researched studies used for the treatment of PTSD. According to research, both types of therapy are more effective for various issues such as anxiety or depression. Selection of therapy will depend on your concern, choice, and preferences about what to discuss and effective in therapy, and what type of therapy is suggested by the therapist.

What EMDR?

It is one type of psychotherapy, initially developed for the treatment of PTSD. It is also beneficial for helping others with anxiety, including anxiety, depression, addiction, panic disorder, and OCD.
Your healthcare provider can perform therapy online or EMDR in person.
EMDR therapy directs your seeking attention toward traumatic experiences, challenging experiences, or current triggering, while simultaneously feeling bilateral simulation. This process facilitates your mind’s natural ability to reprocess and assist in reducing the emotional intensity associated with memory

EMDR is useful in the following treatments:

  • Anxiety
  • Depressions
  • Drug addiction
  • PTSD
  • A complex PTSD
  • Panic disorder and phobias
  • OCD
  • Limb pain
  • Chronic pain

What EMDR?

What is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)?

CBT is a type of therapy that focuses on how your thinking and thought process influence behavior. It is a well-researched and evidence-supported intervention. This therapy can be performed by CBT online, therapy in person, and through telehealth. When CBT is conducted accurately, it adheres to a well-defined structure, and specific duration and frequently includes homework assignments.

CBT is an effective treatment for the following:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • PISD
  • Societal anxiety

A Key Difference Between CBT and EMDR Therapy

CBT and EMDR have similar concepts, especially when they both concern a psychotherapist with the mission to adjust negative self-belief. Although, the structure and content pattern of both treatments are different. EMDR employs bilateral stimulation which involves engagement in movement from one side of your body to the other such as eye movement or tapping. This EMDR process facilitates a natural reprocessing of the events, beliefs, and triggers. Meanwhile, it focuses on addressing a negative thoughts pattern and automatic negative thoughts.

A Cost Differences:

The cost of both therapies will depend on the following things such as:

  • Insurance coverage for your mental health or illness.
  • Depends on the type of insurance.
  • The location in which you are searching for the treatment.
  • Therapists specialization

These all factors will depend on the specific type of therapy you use. Although both types of therapies are reasonable, evidence-based treatments and are mostly covered by insurance. Suppose that there is a shortage of therapists in your area or location. In this case, you may face difficulties to find a therapist that accepts your insurance, leading to paying the therapist instead of using insurance. If persons are unavailable in your area, then online therapy with your insurance may also be beneficial for you.

The amount of the therapist fee will depend on the following factors, such as:

  • Their education specialization 
  • Years of experience
  • The going rate in your location or area

Who gets benefits from CBT-I

A Difference in Length of Treatment:

Both types of therapies require at least six sessions which will depend on factors of presenting concerns. These are common factors for patients to be in treatment for months to years, especially when therapists are working on healing for a longer duration for unresolved issues.
Choosing therapists does not come into a race or always a quick fix. It is a crucial factor to keep in mind that the most effective therapy will provide you a mental peace that works for you.
The length of therapy will depend on the following factors:

  • Your goals
  • Your mental health history
  • How do you respond to the treatment?
  • Your number of presenting concerns.

For example, if you are taking treatment for complex PTSD, you need to take some initial sessions to develop managing and self-soothing skills that will start to work in EMDR and CBT. When you are ready to take therapy to reduce trauma, it will take 20 sessions or more.

When Therapists Used to Treat Different Disorders

For a huge variety of concerns EMDR and CBT are more effective. EMDR is mostly used and recommended therapy for PTSD and traumatic experiences because it is designed to use trauma and complex PTSD.
EMDR is widely used when you have a clear event or series of events that directly influence some mental disorder symptoms like anxiety, depression, abuse, or an unhealthy relationship.
CBT-I is specially designed to treat insomnia or a common type of PTSD. For the treatment of trauma processing and healing, your therapists can use other components of CBT

An Availability Between CBT and EMDR

The availability of CBT versus EMDR will depend on your location and the practice of therapists in that area. CBT was invented earlier approx 20 years ago than EMDR so the availability of CBT is more as compared to EMDR. Many therapists may integrate aspects of CBT into their traumatic approaches, whereas EMDR is typically used as an independent intervention.

Differences Between Certification and Training

EMDR training is affiliated with an EMDRIA organization that sets the standard for EMDR and offer certification for therapists that have completed the following steps in-

  • A basic training
  • Have completed at least 50 EMDR sessions with 25 clients.
  • Received at least 20 hours of consultation with a certified trainer.
  • Completed a total of 12 hours of continuing education

CBT therapy is affiliated with the Beck Institute which is named after the creator of cognitive behavioral therapy. To achieve certification of CBT, therapists must complete the following sessions such as:

  • How to use CBT for a variety of concerns.
  • Can be able to showcase their expertise through videotaped sessions.
  • Has taken supervision from a qualified professional.
Time Spend on Sessions

According to researchers, CBT will have more homework as compared to EMDR. These homework assignments will encourage you to take sessions and practice in the real world. It is not said to be the EMDR. EMDR does not require work out of session. Therapists need to practice various concerns and utilize the claiming process to ensure your potential to cope with any potential distress that comes up during EMDR

EMDR vs. CBT: Which Should You Choose?

There are various paths used for healing, but every therapy has its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore here is the recommendation always best to discuss and compare therapy options with a certified and trained therapist. You may choose from some online therapist directory that is an excellent fit for your need and expectation.
Regarding patients’ approaches, EMDR is the better suitable therapy for mental health issues where past situations or memories lead to a negative belief related to yourself or the world. With the help of EMDR, memory reprocesses and adjusts subsequent views. While CBT is best suited to mental health concerns or issues where your negative thoughts pattern drives into symptoms that will impact on daily life. In conclusion, both types of therapies are remarkably flexible and helpful in a wide range of mental health concerns



CBT and EMDR are evidence-proof treatments that can help with presenting many concerns. The decision on which treatment is best to choose may depend on your concern or focus on therapy and what a certified therapist recommends for your circumstances

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