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What Type Of Massage Is Good For High Blood Pressure?

Massage Is Good For High Blood Pressure?
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A visit to a doctor’s office starts with a blood pressure check. The goal is to maintain the ideal normal blood pressure. Blood pressure reveals a great deal about your health status. However, if your blood pressure reaches a chronic level, which is also known as high blood pressure or hypertension. The systolic rate is 140 mm Hg or higher diastolic rate will be 90 mm Hg or higher. So, this is directly linked to cardiovascular diseases and other ailments.
However, we are here talking about how massage can help lower blood pressure and what types of massages are good for high blood pressure patients.

What Is High Blood Pressure/Hypertension?

High Blood Pressure or Hypertension is a condition in which the person’s force of blood pushing against the blood vessel walls is higher than usual. Whereas, normal blood pressure measures around 120/80, high blood pressure can clock more than 140/90. This is the stage of hypertension.
However, there are no signs and symptoms that reveal the high blood pressure condition. It can develop over time or patients suffering from obesity or diabetes are having a higher chance of developing high blood pressure symptoms. If the blood is pushing against the wall beyond normal, and there is less flow of oxygen, then it can lead to heart failure too. Patients with high BP can also develop kidney disease, stroke, or brain problems.

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Why Is Massage Recommended for High Blood Pressure Patients?

Does massage lower blood pressure? This is the first question that may come to your mind when someone suggests/recommends it. So, if you are someone who wants to know the relationship between high blood pressure and massage, then read on to find more.
We all know the right massage on the right points can help in improving blood circulation and blood flow. What few people don’t know is that it has a positive effect on proper blood circulation, and lowers blood pressure too. Well, the blood vessels are actually made of smooth muscle fibers which move together one at a time to create the process of pumping. Blood pressure is the force of blood exerted against the vessels of the wall.
However, if the arteries become hardened or narrowed because of plaque build-up, then the blood has to squeeze against the vessel walls. So, if your blood pressure has gone beyond normal, it’s time to take action. Massage helps release endorphins that relax the blood vessels, and reduces the intensity of heart pumping. So, the blood flow gets temporarily increased, helps carry oxygen, and nutrient-rich blood cells aid in healing the body.

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What Are The Benefits of Massage for High Blood Pressure Patients?

The majority of patients who develop hypertension are 65 years or above. However, the wrong lifestyle can even make young adults suffer too. Can massage lower blood pressure? I hope you are clear now that yes massage does help in lowering high blood pressure. Here are a few benefits of massage for high blood pressure patients.
· It helps restore the natural balance among the complex system of the body.
· Massage therapy for hypertension patients helps with reducing depression, blood pressure, level of cortisol in saliva and urine samples, and lessens hostile behavior.
· Massage helps relax your blood vessels to assist the blood to carry oxygen to your heart.
· A long-term massage done by an expert therapist supports the improvement in heart rate and stress levels.
These are a few considerable benefits of getting the massage for high blood pressure patients. However, there are a few types of massages that give relief. Read on to know more!

Types of Massages Good for High Blood Pressure Patients

Are massages good for high blood pressure? Well, we have already discussed it above and the answer is yes. However, these are types of massages that High BP patients can get. We will focus here on types of massages.
· Back Massage: Stress and tension are the primary causes of high blood pressure or hypertension. So, a few experts recommend a 10-minute Swedish massage for 6 weeks. This massage helps in reducing blood pressure, and also helps in controlling extreme stress. Back massage is recommended as a non-pharmacological method to control blood pressure.·Self-Massage: The self-massage for high blood pressure is a remedial massage that is shown to lower blood pressure levels. You can massage the pressure spots to lower your BP. Your doctor will convey the same to you. By massaging these points stated by experts, there will be blood stimulation, loosening of tight muscles, and carrying of oxygen towards the heart. The self-massage is effective when done with your own hands.

·Aromatherapy: This type of therapy is best for lowering blood pressure levels. Inhaling a combination of ylang-ylang, bergamot, and lavender once a day for 4 weeks will regulate your blood pressure levels.

·Vibration Massagers: The vibration massagers deliver effective results as compared to manual massaging. You do not require any special massage skills. The users have to use the vibrator and set a specific limit to get clear benefits.
·Deep Tissue Massage: This type of massage helps in treating musculoskeletal issues. They are majorly used in conditions like strains and sports injuries. But, it can also be used to increase blood flow and reduce inflammation in the body.

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The various types of significant massages help in regulating high blood pressure levels. However, when you are taking the massages make sure that it is done by an expert and not some amateur physiotherapist. If you are not comfortable with the self-massage, always visit your doctor to get the recommended massages for maintaining the BP levels. It helps in averting the stress and tension on your blood vessels and body. The best thing about massage therapy is that it calms down the part of the nervous system that is responsible for involuntary responses to stressful situations.

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