March 6, 2024

Natural ways to Cure PCOD (Polycystic Ovary Disease)

Natural ways to Cure PCOD
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A diagnosis of PCOD is a hard pill to swallow, especially when you are young women and the symptoms of PCOD are creating havoc on your personal, professional and social life. While most of us notice that our bodies go through several changes and we age, Polycystic Ovary Disease (PCOD) at the age of 25 years old can come as a shock. Its accompanied with erratic and problems faced during periods that made day-to-day life challenging and cystic acne that affected my self-esteem, some people say that PCOD has changed their Life but for the betterment. As to learn how to cure PCOD naturally through diet, changing lifestyle and holistic treatment and it also said the secret of living a healthy life.

About PCOD?

PCOD is the number one reproductive disorder diagnosed in women and affects approximately five percent in the United States. Characterized by hormonal imbalance and various other symptoms include obesity, abnormal hair growth and absence of or irregular menstrual periods. Affected women may have multiple ovarian cysts which also increase the risk of Type-2 diabetes and infertility. With a number of possible factors contributing to this disease including genetics, diet, environment, vitamin deficiencies, metabolic issues, and stress, there is no known Cure PCOD Naturally. This can seem overwhelming at first, however; there is a growing community of women who have lowered their symptoms or even Cure PCOD Naturally by adopting various ways such as a plant-based diet, exercising and cutting out toxins found in their day to day lives.

Get on the path to healing by following these restorative ways to cure PCOD Naturally:

A change in Diet:

Carbohydrates usually turned sugar upon digestion, which is mean high card diet is harmful to those who have insulin resistance should give up all kinds of processed foods and refined carbs. They are likely said to replace simple carbohydrates like white bread, rice, pasta, with whole-grain counterparts and ate carbs in moderation. And you should also try to avoid grains in dinner which will really help in improving insulin sensitivity and also helps in weight loss. A diet should comprise of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean cuts of meat and legumes

Eliminate all Sugar:

When you completely eliminate all Sugar from your diet which also contains carbohydrates, starches, desserts, and processed foods. It’s like your taste buds easily accommodate to less sweetness in life and also cure you of PCOD fast naturally.

Regular Exercise:

One of the best ways to improve insulin sensitivity in your body is to do exercise regularly. In our hectic lifestyle left little time for a workout as it helped me beat stress and fatigue while clearing up my mind. Fatigue is one of the reasons for causing the PCOD.

Add Probiotics to Your Diet:

Microbiome plays a key role to fight chronic inflammation, which leads to cause weight gain, insulin resistance, and acne. It’s said that change in gut microbiome can have a positive effect for weight loss, body fat as well as inflammation. Also, Probiotics improve the gut health, which in turn improves your mental health as well as clearing up acne from inside-out.

The Magic of Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera helps in increasing the insulin sensitivity when eaten and is also irreplaceable for holistic skin care and Fresh aloe gel has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and astringent properties that also helps in treating acne naturally, without irritating the skin or causing dryness.

Drink More Water:

Drinking more water to flush out toxins and stay hydrated. It helps in balancing pH levels in the body which further helps with bloating, that is all too common in PCOD. Bloating is caused by water retention i.e. when your body selfishly holds into the water for its bodily functions. For so many Women, PCOD can go completely undetected until they are trying to get pregnant. As they must have ignored the signs i.e. problems faced during periods that are not always been so regular menstrual cycle. So here were some key points How to Cure PCOD naturally to keep in mind.