March 6, 2024

Insight Into 7 Significant Nutrients And Their Functions

Insight Into 7 Significant Nutrients And Their Functions
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You might be a careful eater but reaching the right amount of nutrient stability and intake becomes a real struggle. The human body requires the right blend of nutrients consisting of fats, proteins, minerals, vitamins, etc. Let us read down below to know more about the important nutrients and their functions.

Introduction to Nutrients

“Eat healthily, be nutrition wealthy”– a nutrition tagline that you can see surfacing over the internet to inform people of the significance of nutrient intake.
Food and nutrition add to our healthy lifestyle. We need to be specific while adding them to our daily life, as they help with the prevention of diseases and support good health.
The nutrition definition includes the way we spend our lifestyle, and eat our food, which affects the functioning of our body. Every type of food we eat has its own significance, as they provide important nutrients to our body. Nutrients are components used by our body to perform basic functions like supporting chemical processes, providing energy, and regulating the body’s structure. These are divided into two main categories:
· Macronutrients: These are consumed in large amounts and are the primary building blocks of the human diet. They are fat, carbohydrates, and protein giving us the energy to perform our daily tasks.
· Micronutrients: These are required by our body in small amounts. Vitamins and Minerals are important ones that support overall health.


7 Significant Nutrients And Their Functions

Essential 7 Nutrients and Their Functions


It is an essential nutrient that works as the building block of the human body. From hair to skin, each cell to the bone, our body is made up of protein. 16% of the human body weight depends on protein. Protein helps in the maintenance, growth, and health of your body. They are made of different amino acids, which a body can produce on its own and there are a few amino acid blocks that are obtained from the food. The basic function of protein is to help with cell repairs, tissue formation, building strong muscles, and enzyme production.


This falls under the group of healthy nutrition as the intake of good saturated fats like vegetable oils, almonds, walnuts, salmon, etc. helps in providing good unsaturated fats to the body. This nutrient serves as the energy source for the human body. Its function is to protect the body against extreme weather conditions, support organs in case of any shock specifically during accidents or falls, and provide fat-soluble Vitamins like A, D, E, and K.

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It serves as a source of energy to provide power to our cells. When we eat carb-rich food like potatoes, rice, bread, sugary foods, etc., our body breaks into glucose to help rapidly absorb it into the blood. Too much carb consumption can put a negative effect on our body because of the changed food and lifestyle forms. The balanced nutrition form of this nutrient must be maintained to avoid hormonal imbalance. Carbs’ basic function includes providing energy to the body and leaving you full for a longer period. This helps in avoiding over-consumption of food.


Minerals and Vitamins go hand-in-hand as they both support various body functions. It helps with many body functions like regulating your metabolism, supporting bone and teeth health, and helping with proper hydration. The most common minerals required for the body are zinc, iron, and calcium. Minerals also help to maintain healthy BP, hormone creation, boost the immune system, and maintain nerve signal transmission.


It is an organic compound that the body requires in a small amount to help support our body’s overall functions. It also falls under the fitness nutrition category as the human body requires Vitamins A, C, D, E, and B in small quantities. These Vitamins can be sourced from fruits and vegetables and sunlight. Vitamins help with immune support, bone and structure support, maintaining nerve and cardiovascular health, and much more.


Dietary Fiber

It is a plant-based nutrient that comes largely from the skin of fruits and vegetables that we eat raw. This nutrient supports the digestive function of the human body. Fiber can be divided further into two essential categories:
· Soluble Fiber: It can be dissolved into water to create a gel-like substance to support digestion by feeding the microflora. It assists in the natural detoxification process of the human body. Soluble foods include oats, pears, apples, sprouts, broccoli, etc.
· Insoluble Fiber: As the name suggests, the insoluble fibrous forms cannot be digested but it attracts water to stool. This helps maintain easier passage for the stool to pass from the human body. It helps reduce the risk of diabetes, as it normalizes bowel functions.


Yes, this macronutrient is necessary for your body. Do you notice when you are dehydrated your physical and mental health gets impaired? If yes, start hydrating yourself. We all know our body is made of 70% water. To be at our best, even doctors recommend having at least 8 glasses of water per day to maintain enough hydration. It helps get rid of toxins and waste products from our bodies. When taken with lemon, it helps streamline the person’s workout process too. The best functions of water are regulating body temperature; lubricating joints, tissues, and organs; helps in maintaining skin health, and keeping many diseases away from our body. You will never feel the heat if your body has enough water to stabilize the body temperature. Stay hydrated, and stay happy!
Essential 7 Nutrients and Their Functions

Wrapping Up

Well, nutrients form the basic part of the human body to help us perform our daily functions without any hassle. These nutrients play a significant role in keeping our body energetic, strong, and maintaining our bone and muscular health too. You must take the right proportions of these nutrients to support an overall healthy lifestyle. There are nutrition shops that sell products to support our healthy lifestyle. But, if you are buying these health nutrients check out for the Food and Nutrition Department’s approval for the same.